Shower Filters Vs . Whole Home Water Softeners

Shower Filters Vs . Whole Home Water Softeners

Households that have hard water, whether that water is coming from a municipal water supply or a private well, often struggle to get dishes and laundry clean and keep their plumbing and appliances in good repair. This is because hard water contains high mineral concentrations, which can build up on anything from plumbing fixtures and pipes to dishes in the dishwasher and even make it harder to get hair and skin clean in the shower. Read on to find a helpful home water softener guide that can help homeowners decide between installing a softening system designed specifically for the showerhead and one that treats water throughout the home.

Symptoms of Hard Water

Some of the most easily recognizable symptoms of hard water are those that impact homeowners and their family members while they shower. These include dry, itchy skin and difficulty getting soap to suds up in the shower. Hard water can also damage hair and leave residues and mineral buildups around the drain.

Shower Filters

Homeowners can purchase a water softener for showerheads that will fit directly on the fixture. Installing soft water showerheads provides an effective solution to chlorine damage to skin and hair, removing the sulfur odor from water, and reducing scale buildup around the drain and faucets. These filters come with cartridges that must be replaced approximately every six months.

Benefits of Shower Filters

In addition to restoring limp hair to its former beauty and preventing dry skin, shower filters also prevent soap scum residue from building up in the tub, allowing homeowners to spend less time cleaning. These benefits can make life much easier for homeowners and their families. However, even the best tankless water softener will only prevent mineral buildup in the shower and will not impact the rest of the home.

A More Permanent Solution

Although shower filters provide a quick and simple solution to mineral buildup in the shower itself, they require constant filter changes and are not designed to provide a long-term solution. Those who want to soften the water throughout their homes and protect their plumbing, as well as their fixtures from damage, should instead look into a whole-home water softening system. These more advanced and permanent solutions reduce mineral buildup throughout the home, helping to extend the life of appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines and making it easier to maintain plumbing systems in addition to providing cleaner, better-smelling water throughout the home.